Fulton Schools Operations Division

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    The mission of the Operations Division is to efficiently and effectively provide exceptional non-instructional support for student learning.  Our vision is to exceed expectations through quality work with a customer service focus.

    The Operations Division staff plan, assign students to, contract for, construct, and maintain safe learning environments.  The District maintains educational facilities totaling approximately 15 million square feet of space. Over 800 buses safely and efficiently transport students each school-day traveling a distance of 1.5 times around the earth daily with a 98.8% on-time delivery rate. 

    Over 85,000 meals are served on average each school-day to meet the nutritional needs of students.  Safety and wellness are maintained through emergency planning, training, risk management protocols, a local school police department, and a health services support team.  Supplies and materials flow to and from the facilities in an efficient manner.


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  • Noel Maloof

    Noel Maloof
    Chief Operations Officer


    Yngrid Huff Image

    Yngrid Huff
    Deputy Chief Operations Officer


    Melandie Morrison
    Professional Assistant IV
    Phone: 470-254-8998

    Bashiru S. Kamara
    Coordinator, Operations Support
    Phone: 470-254-8997 

    Renee' Stewart, MBA
    Budget Analyst III
    Phone: 470-254-8993