K5 L.E.A.P. Program Overview

  • What is the Fulton County Schools K-5 LEAP program?

    The K-5 LEAP (Learning, Engagement and Assistance Program) program is a new behavioral support program designed to support elementary students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade who are exhibiting challenging behaviors that disrupt their learning and ability to be successful in a traditional classroom setting. 


    Why is Fulton County Schools implementing the K-5 LEAP program?

    Over the past couple of school years, principals and teachers across the district have observed a significant increase in challenging behaviors in elementary students that are causing disruption to classrooms and to the learning process.



    Where will the K-5 Programs be located?

    There will be two locations for the K-5 LEAP program: one at College Park Elementary School in College Park and one at Vickery Mill Elementary School in Roswell.


    How many students will be supported in the K-5 LEAP programs?

    Each K-5 LEAP program will support 24 to 32 students, with approximately eight students in each classroom so that intensive instruction and support can be provided to each student.


    What will be the focus of the K-5 LEAP program?

    The focus of the K-5 LEAP program will be teaching and reinforcing replacement behaviors enabling students to return to their home school as soon as possible and be successful. There will be prioritized academic curriculum and instruction provided to ensure student's progress academically while learning needed behavioral and coping skills.


    How long will students be supported in the K-5 LEAP Program?

    The K-5 LEAP program is a short-term behavioral support program with most students receiving support for 90 to 120 days before returning to their home school. Some students may show needed progress sooner and some may need longer but the program is designed to provide intensive support to each student so they can return to their home school and be successful as soon as possible.


    Who is eligible to attend the K-5 LEAP program?

    Kindergarten through fifth grade students, who after receiving behavioral intervention and support in their home school, need a more intensive classroom setting to learn behaviors that will enable them to be successful.


    What will be the Staff-to-Student ratio in the K-5 LEAP Program?

    When fully staffed, each program will provide close to a 2:1 total staff-to-student ratio. Within each classroom, there will be four staff members for eight students as well as a certified Behavioral Interventionist to closely assist classroom teachers and staff with designing behavioral support.


    What supports will be provided to ensure a smooth transition to and from the K5 LEAP program?

    All K-5 LEAP program administrators, teachers and staff will implement a robust transition for each student referred and accepted to the program. This will include observing the student at their home school prior to starting the LEAP program to offer coaching and assistance, staying in constant communication with the home school teacher and administration while the student is being supported in the program, and going back to the home school to coach and support home school staff with strategies and supports that were observed to be successful with the student.


    How will students be referred to the K-5 LEAP program?

    Students will be referred by their home school teacher and principal after interventions and supports have been provided when data collected on these supports shows a need for more intensive support that cannot be provided in the home school and after meeting with parents/guardians. Referrals will be submitted to central leadership who will approve each student's entry into the program at which point home school staff, K-5 LEAP staff and parents/guardians will meet and discuss the transition process into the program.


    How does the K-5 LEAP program differ from other intensive behavioral support programs such as Georgia Network for Educational and Therapeutic Support (GNETS)?

    The K-5 LEAP program is designed to support students who have moderate to significant levels of behavior challenges that are not due to a significant mental impairment or behavioral disability. Although the program will support students with and without disabilities, students with significant disabilities with severe behavioral difficulties will continue to be supported in more intensive therapeutic programs such as GNETs.


    How will students remain connected to their home school and their home school classroom, teacher and staff while receiving support at the K-5 LEAP program?

    As a short-term program, it is important that each student remains connected to their home school teacher and school. Both home school staff and K-5 LEAP program staff will meet regularly while the student is being supported to ensure there is continuous connection and progress monitoring for every student so each student can be successful upon return to their home school.


    What supports will be provided to parents of students attending the K-5 LEAP program?

    The K-5 LEAP program is designed to be a triad support model: Home School teacher/staff, K-5 LEAP program teacher/staff and parents/guardians. As such, parents/guardians will be very involved in the support planning and implementation for their student. They will receive parent training on how to teach and reinforce behaviors that lead to success and participate in program-led home visits/school visits.


    When will the K-5 LEAP Program open?

    The exact start date for the K-5 LEAP program has not yet been determined. Funding for the program was provided in December 2022, but its opening is dependent upon receipt of furniture, cameras/technology and onboarding of teachers and staff to successfully operate the program.


    Will transportation be provided for the K-5 LEAP Program?

    Transportation options and models are still being explored and more information will be coming soon.