Codie Owl
    Total Enrollment: 480
    Class of 2024 Enrollment: 65


    Asian 15%
    Black / African American 64%
    Hispanic 10%
    Mult-Racial 4%
    White / Non-Hispanic 7%


    Gifted 13.5%
    Limited English Proficiency 2.5%
    Special Education 8.5%


    English 4
    Math 4
    Science 4
    Social Studies 3
    Health & Personal Fitness 1
    World Language/Fine Arts/
    Career Tech
    Electives 4
    Total Credits 23



    Accelerated Algebra I/Geometry (Honors)
    Accelerated Pre – Calculus (Honors)
    Algebra II  (Honors)
    AP Calculus AB
    Geometry (Honors)
    Pre-Calculus (Honors)

    9th Grade Language and Composition (Honors)
    10th Grade Language and Composition (Honors)
    11th Grade American Literature (Honors)
    AP English Language & Composition
    AP English Literature & Composition

    Biology (Honors)
    Chemistry (Honors)

    AP American Government
    AP Human Geography
    AP US History
    AP World History

    AP Computer Scince Principals

  • FAVE 2023 – 2024 School Profile

    6201 Powers Ferry Road NW
    Atlanta, GA 30339
    Phone: 470-254-6570
    FAX: 470-254-6579
    CEEB CODE: 110403

    Grade: 2nd- 12th Grades
    Colors: Blue & Silver
    Mascot: Codie the Owl
    Classroom Ratio: 1:30 Teacher/Student
    Average Enrollment: 480
    Class of 2024:  Enrollment: 65


    The FAVE Mission

    We build relationships to inspire authentic learning.


    The FAVE Vision

    The FAVE Way:
    Cultivating independent digital learners and critical thinkers through innovative experiences.


    Curriculum & Program Highlights

    Fulton Academy of Virtual Excellence (or FAVE) opened its virtual doors to students within the Fulton County School District in August of 2021. We are a full time, online school that allows students in grades 3-12 to attend classes in a more flexible format outside of the traditional 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., face-to-face school day. Instruction includes a blend of live, online lessons and self-directed lessons from our teachers. Teachers and students work remotely, connecting through a variety of online applications to achieve academic success. For our students to be most successful, they need a special skillset for managing their time and schoolwork in an online environment. Parents and caregivers of elementary students will need to be active in helping their students develop the autonomy and skills for self-guided learning. FAVE offers many of the same virtual course already available to students - just without a physical building. The initial courses provided meet graduation requirements for any student, and over time, the class offerings will grow and evolve.


    2021 ACT Scores
      Test Takers English Math Reading Science Composite
    FAVE 9 14.4 15.7 18.2 17.9 16.7
    GEORGIA 22,049 19.9 20.1 21.6 20.9 20.8
    NATIONAL 1,782,824 20.1 20.4 21.2 19.5 20.3
    A 100 – 90
    B 89 - 80
    C 79 - 70
    F 69 & Below


    FAVE Students take six (6) courses per semester and can earn six (6) credits per year. Each course is awarded0.5 credit per Fall/Spring semester. Seven quality points are added to passing grades for all Honors, Advanced Placement, and Dual Enrollment courses. FAVE High School does not use class rank except for Valedictorian and Salutatorian. A complete list of course offerings can be found in the Course Catalog on the FAVE website.

    • Seven quality points are awarded to passing grades for all Honors, AP and Dual Enrollment College courses. 
    • These courses begin or end with "H", "AP" or "College" in the course title.  
    • Families have the option of selecting the weighted r unweighted transcripts for college applications. 
    • GAVS = Georgia Virtual School
    • FVS = Fulton Virtual School
    • Please note that HONORS level courses are not available in Physics or Social Studies
    • Business Management & Administration
    • Information Technology: Computer Science
    • Work-Based Learning


    2022 National Honors Society

    National Honors Society Finalist: 15


    Impact of COVID: Educational Setting

    Spring 2020- At the onset of remote learning during the Spring semester of the 2019-2020 school year, all students participated in remote learning.

    Fall 2020-Spring 2021- During the Fall semester of the 2020-2021 school year, students participated in remote learning up until October. At that time, students had the opportunity to stay remote and continue learning in the virtual setting or they could return to school for Face-to-Face instruction.

    Fall 2021-2022- All students within Fulton County Schools returned to their home school for Face-toFace instruction.

    Impact of COVID: Grading Marks on Transcripts

    Incomplete(I): An Incomplete(I) was entered as a temporary final course grade on the transcript of students who were affected by remote learning and was not able to complete at least 80% of the course’s summative assignments. Students with an Incomplete (I) had until the end of Summer 2021 to participate in Extended Learning opportunities to clear the Incomplete(I) and to ensure they received exposure to and mastery of missed content.

    Credit (CR): Upon completion of an Extended Learning opportunity, the Incomplete (I) listed on the transcript was changed to Credit (CR) during the term the Incomplete (I) was received. No credit was awarded to the grading marks of Credit (CR). Instead, the final course grade and credit earned was listed on the transcript during the term the student participated in Extended Learning and showed mastery of course content.

    Withdraw Fail (WF): Withdraw Fail (WF): Students who did not clear Incompletes (I) through Extended Learning by the end of Summer 2021, should have received a Withdraw Fail (WF). Withdraw Fail (WF) has no impact on a student’s GPA. Students who received a Withdraw Fail (WF) are required to retake course, if needed for graduation.

    Incompletes (I) for courses not needed for graduation remaining on student transcripts. Incompletes (I) do not impact numeric GPA calculations.

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