Student-focused Learning

  • In Fulton County Schools we are committed to meeting every student where they are, so that every student can achieve at a high level. By ensuring strong core instruction that is personalized to meet student needs and providing choice programs to meet additional student needs, Fulton County Schools provides students with the tools, strategies and learning environments to build the essential skills necessary to pursue their paths of choice.


Personalized Learning in Fulton County Schools

  • Since 2014 Fulton County Schools has been on a journey to personalize learning to better meet the needs of all students. By implementing Fulton County's Seven Principles of Personalized Learning, teachers are better able to provide students with the support they need when they need it. To learn more about our personalized learning journey and the seven principles of personalized learning, hover your mouse over the icons in the images below.

Personalized Learning Journey Thinglink

Seven Principles of Personalized Learning


Standards Mastery Framework

  • Standards Mastery Framework Logo

    Fulton County Schools has an unwavering belief that all students can reach mastery of the standards given the appropriate supports and opportunities to do so. We also recognize that learning time and learning level may vary for different students working on similar standards. These beliefs are the foundation for The Standards Mastery Framework; a set of tools designed to ensure a guaranteed and viable curriculum and deepen personalization of the learning experience for FCS students. As schools begin to implement the Standards Mastery Framework, they will use prioritized standards, proficiency scales, and student evidence to deepen their personalized learning practice. Through implementation of the Seven Principles of Personalized Learning and the Standards Mastery Framework, teachers may enable each student to advance through the curriculum upon demonstration of mastery of the standards, allowing them to progress at their own pace.