Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why must I always submit a new application?
    In order to process any certification requests, you must submit a new application to create a case in the certification database. Although previous documentation submitted will remain on file, a case is not created without the application form. In addition, the PSC requires a current signature in the Personal Affirmation Section.

    Which transaction should I request on the application?
    Transaction types include: Renewal, Convert to Clear Renewable, Upgrade, Add a New Field, Duplicate, and Name Change. If you have obtained a Georgia certification and have completed an approved program or obtained a professional certification outside of Georgia, you would request a Clear Renewable Certificate. If you have never been professionally certified and your Bachelor’s degree or higher was obtained in a discipline other than education, you would need to request a Non-Renewable Certificate. Note that Non-Renewable Certificates are only issued upon request of an employing school system.

    Is there a fee for submitting an application?
    A $20 fee is required for application transactions. Specific explanations are indicated under the Transactions Requested section of the application. Failure to submit the appropriate fee will delay the application process. District employees may qualify for a fee exemption when seeking initial and upgrading certificates. Contact the Certification Office for more information on exemptions.

    How long will it take for my certificate application to be processed?
    Your application package will be processed as quickly as possible from the time all materials are received by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. Based on your file, you will receive an educator certificate, a letter of eligibility, or an evaluation for certification requirements to be met.

    What if I am coming from another state?
    In addition to completing the application forms for reciprocity, your current/former school district employer will need to complete the Experience Verification Form (

    What specific certification materials must be submitted to FCS by new employees?

    • Certification package within 30 days of employment
    • Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended
    • GACE Assessment scores or Praxis II Content Assessment scores prior to September 1, 2006
    • Copy of out-of-state professional certificate

    Will I be required to renew my certification?
    Georgia mandates that professional educator certificates be renewed every five years. This requirement is met by having successful evaluations and evidence of completing an individualized Professional Learning Plan (PLP) or Professional Learning Goals (PLG) during the validity period of the certificate.

    My certificate expires on June 30. How can I get an extension?
    Unfortunately, if you do not complete all requirements set by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission, Fulton County Schools will not request an extension for any reason and you will be released.

    What happens if I am separated because I did not complete requirements?
    You will not be allowed to be re-employed until you have completed all requirements for a professional certificate. It would be necessary to re-apply for a position with the district.

    Contact Information and Resources
    Information regarding certificates rules and types, application procedures, reciprocity, and testing, can be obtained directly from the Georgia Professional Standards Commission by:
         Phone: (404) 232-2500
         Metro-Atlanta or (800) 869-7775
         Toll Free Fax: (404) 232-2560

    Fulton County Schools’ current employees and new hires with specific certification questions may contact the Certification Office at 470-254-4934.