Interested in becoming a School Counseling Substitute, Intern, or Practicum Student?

  • Substitute Counselor

    Certified substitutes counselors are hired on a temporary basis throughout the year for elementary, middle and high school. All substitutes are required to go through a background check and are required to hold a current school counseling certification in the state of Georgia. To submit your interest in serving as a substitute counselor please send your resume, the area you would like to work (North Fulton, Central Fulton, or South Fulton school), and your current school counseling license (GA) to

    Internship/Practicum Placement

    The Office of School Counseling oversees the placement of school counseling practicum and internship placement within Fulton County Schools. Fulton County Schools only considers candidates pursuing a Masters degree, or higher, in School Counseling for placement within our district. Candidates interested in an internship or practicum placement within Fulton should refrain from contact local schools directly and have their field placement coordinator from their program email Shamona Harrell at to request placement.