Partners In Education

  • The Fulton County Schools (FCS) Business Partners In Education Partnership Program offers opportunities for students, teachers, businesses and community agencies to build partnerships that will enhance students' experiences and bridge relationships between the business and education community. When parents, businesses, nonprofit organizations, civic groups, or the faith community partner with the school system, your contributions of time, talent or financial support help FCS reach our mission goal. We need you to help show support of all FCS students!

    We know that effective community collaboration happens in pockets across our district, but there is room for increased consistency, clarity, and resources on how to best engage the community - from partner organizations to advocates to parents. We aim to foster "impactful partnerships", partnership projects that meet or exceed agreed upon goals of partnership impact (determined by principal/partner at the start of the project), and engage "Community Champions", community stakeholders willing to support and advocate for the school system and its goals.

    Consider these questions prior to forming your Partner In Education school-partnership:

    1. How are we willing to support schools through contributions of time, talent, or treasures? 
    2. Are we willing to provide release time from work for employees to take part in school activities? 
    3. What resources are available for providing incentive awards? 
    4. What resources are available for providing career awareness programs? 
    5. Are we interested in working on or co-sponsoring community service projects? 
    6. Would we sponsor a student club or athletic team? 
    7. Do we have employees that would be willing to make presentations to students about their profession? 
    8. Are we able to teach mini-courses or student sessions?  Afterschool enrichment sessions? 
    9. Would we be willing to develop a recognition program for outstanding students or staff members? 
    10. What can the school do to assist our business? What are our needs? 


    There are district-wide events that support the Community Collaboration focus area. However, schools are encouraged to determine their plan for outreach and engagement.

    Complete the partnership inventory (link coming soon) to determine your business or organization’s capacity to provide resources of time, talent, or treasure to a FCS school or Learning Zone